Weekly Pool Cleaning in Plano, Texas

Aqua Clean Sanitizes and Cleans your pool Weekly

Aqua Clean Pool Service Maintenance Technicians take great pride in maintaining your pool. Our Pool Service Maintenance Technicians are experienced and receive on-going training to meet our Quality Assurance Standards which includes water disinfection. We have been in the pool cleaning service since 1997! Ask Aqua Clean for a Free Quote on Weekly Pool Service. To ensure your pool is operating at peak efficiency Our technician professionally checks and adjusts chemistry, cleans and properly sanitizes your pool. Your family’s good health is our highest priority! Aqua Clean Pool Service’s weekly cleaning service ultimately keeps your pool bacteria free, crystal clear and algae free.

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When our Pool Maintenance Technician services your pool, they will arrive on a designated day to perform Aqua Clean's 12 point Algae - Free program:

  1. Skim surface of pool.
  2. Brush tiles, steps, walls & floor.
  3. Vacuum or leaf master.
  4. Empty pump basket and all skimmer baskets.
  5. Empty sweep bag.
  6. Check sweep operation.
  7. Backwash filter (when necessary).
  8. Test water chemistry.
  9. Adjust water chemistry.
  10. Inspect pump equipment.
  11. Preventative maintenance on pump equipment.
  12. Fill pool with water while on job.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

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Our team of trained, experienced pool service professionals offer an assortment of services for your pool. Proudly cleaning pools in Plano, TX and the surrounding North Dallas area.

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