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Aqua Clean Inspects, Cleans and Repairs filters.

Aqua Clean Pool Service recommends that we clean your filter annually. Some filters require more cleanings than others. Pools that experience a lot of debris, sun tanning oils, animals, huge bather loads or heavy weather may put a constant stress on internal filter parts. An annual filter cleaning takes the guess work out and prevents a problem from happening before that special pool party or backyard event.

If the pressure gauge of your cartridge system filter is 10 P.S.I. higher than the starting clean pressure, you need Aqua Clean to clean your filter. If you can't lower the pressure on your Diatomaceous Earth filter after multiple back-washings, it's a good time to call Aqua Clean. Occasionally, elements inside of the filters can break and create a domino effect. When debris starts to return to pool it can either clog a finger screen, cause unnecessary booster pump issues, burst a finger screen and / or clog the automatic pool cleaner's water management system.

Debris will also sink to the bottom of pools and spas where it will begin to attract algae. The dirt and diatomaceous earth mix gives algae a place to thrive.

Water has a tendency to circulate much slower when a dirty compacted filter needs to be cleaned.

Eventually, Poor circulation initiates poor water clarity making the bottom difficult or impossible to see. If the pool gets out of control the water may be lost and draining, refilling and resetting the chemistry may be in order. It just depends. An experienced professional technician from Aqua Clean is able to diagnose problems, provide recommendations and offer solutions.

Some pool owners have a tendency to use excessive and expensive chemicals to compensate for algae filled pools. Chemicals may help temporarily but issues concerning slow circulation or poor filtration will ultimately reappear.

Pool Filter Maintenance

During the cleaning process, Aqua Clean's Repair Technician disassembles your filter, extracts the internal assembly, cleans the internal assembly, inspects all assembly parts, reassembles the internal assembly, installs assembly into filter tank shells, seals filter and charges it with fresh diatomaceous earth.

Many of the internal filter parts are plastic and can warp or fracture. Fabric on the outside of Diatomaceous earth filter grids can tear. Damage to filter parts can occur under stress if the filter is dirty and pressure is high. Older or aged filter parts are more susceptible to damage. If there are parts needing replacement during the filter clean, your technician will ask for an authorization for replacement. The broken parts will be left near the pool equipment area for you to inspect. If you would rather have Aqua Clean remove them, we will do so.

Professional Filter Cleaning service by a Qualified Trained Technician includes:

  • Disassemble filter completely.
  • Remove old Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.)
  • Clean and inspect grids, tank, manifold and O rings.
  • Lube backwash valve and O rings.
  • Report any problems and give repair estimate.
  • Reassemble filter and charge with D.E..
  • Free System Check.

For optimum filtration and circulation, Aqua Clean Pool Service recommends that you call our service department and schedule a filter clean. Our professional Repair Technician will inspect, clean, reassemble your filter and clean work area. Some filters may require additional service cleanings each year. Debris entering the pool, sun tanning oils, animals, huge bather loads or heavy runoff will create stress on filter parts. Aqua Clean’s annual Pool Filter Cleaning Service prevents a problem from happening before that special pool party.

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