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Energy Efficient Pumps Are Mandatory by July 19, 2021

In 2018, the Department of Energy (DOE) received a petition to issue a final ruling of energy conservation standards for dedicated-purpose pool pump (DPPP) motors. Dedicated meaning “Main Filter” Pumps used to push thousands of gallons of water, through the pool’s filter only.

The new Federal mandates would apply to both entire Main Filter Pumps (a pump and motor set) and Main Pool Filter “Motors” specifically.

Your Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pump (DPPP) motor will need to be updated with an Energy Efficient Variable Speed pump and motor (set) or a just a single Energy Efficient Variable Speed motor. The State of Texas, along with the federal Government, have reached a consensus on the Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pump Proposal in which they lay out the necessary attributes of a DPPP to be used on pools in the United States. When installing a new pump and motor (set) or single motor, It is of utmost importance that your DPPP be in compliance of the DPPP Proposal guidelines by July 19th, 2021. If your new DPPP purchase is on or after July 19, 2021 and is not in compliance, you could get a fine and forced to replace your current DPPP to a Compliant DPPP to reduce noise and power consumption. You can contact one of our DPPP professionals at Aqua Clean Pool Service. Our Licensed Electrical Technicians (TICL 568) can inspect your dedicated purpose pool pump and tell you if it is compliant or not.

What Pumps / Motors will be required to be Energy Efficient when installed on July 19, 2021?

Pool Main Filter Pumps / Main Filter Pump Motors that work pushing water through the pool’s filter.

What Pumps / Pump Motors are exempt from being Energy Efficient when installed on July 19, 2021?

Pool Pumps / Motors that are exempt from this mandate:

  1. Polyphase motors
  2. Waterfall pump motors
  3. Rigid Electric Spa pump motors
  4. Storable Electric spa pump motors
  5. Integral Cartridge-Filter pool pump motors
  6. Integral Sand-Filter pool pump motors
  7. Pressure Cleaner Booster pool pump motors

What is a DPPP, and why is it important to my pool?

DPPP is an abbreviation for dedicated-purpose pool pump, and it is important to your pool because it helps with water filtration and Energy Efficiency. A DPPP motor can save thousands of dollars of energy over the pump’s lifetime. As with any product, there are varieties in pump designs, efficiency, and noise reduction. In the long run, it is worth the extra money to purchase a high quality, energy efficient, and quiet DPPP. Your family and neighbors will appreciate the reduced noise and you will appreciate lower energy bills. Ask Aqua Clean Pool Service to install an Energy Efficient DPPP That will last a very long time and have longer warranty too!

When will the DPPP regulations go into effect in Texas? July 19th, 2021

The pool service professionals at Aqua Clean Pool Service can help you by making sure that your new pump or motor is energy efficient compliant. We have professional Licensed installers that make sure every repair looks professional, installed with state and federal guidelines and runs like commercial grade equipment. The Energy Efficient energy compliant pumps we sell are the most quiet, have 3 year warranties, Work with any Controller, Saves up to 90% of the pool’s total utility and Pays for itself! Have Aqua Clean Pool Service Install your new Energy Savings / Energy Compliant pump / motor and start saving today!

What do I have to do to make sure that my DPPP is compliant?

The easiest and most efficient way to make sure your DPPP is compliant is to contact the pool pump professionals at Aqua Clean Pool Service. Once you schedule for service a uniformed, Licensed Repair Technician will arrive to diagnose why your DPPP is inoperable. He’ll also tell you whether or not the pool pump is compliant with the new Dedicated Purpose Pool Pump mandate. Aqua Clean can also give you the answer to this question while performing an unrelated service repair such as a filter cleaning.

Can I install the pool pump myself?

It is not advisable to replace DPPP(pool pumps) equipment yourself. Replacing a DPPP is not a DIY(Do-it-yourself) project because installing any of the given parts incorrectly can cause air / water leaks, fire hazards and void manufacturer’s warranties. Aqua Clean Pool Service has installed many pumps and other various quality oriented pool products over the last 23 years. We make sure all of the equipment is operating the way it should be, that it looks professionally installed, that it is the appropriate equipment for your pool, programmed to save money and that it is working efficiently as possible. Let Aqua Clean Pool Service be your Pool Equipment Professionals.


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